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Hello to all you horror fans!!!!!

My Bio - I was born in a small town in the UK, not far from the legendary William Shakespeare's hometown, and the writer George Eliot. I grew up in a large family, but was always the odd one out. I would invent games to play and write stories for younger children to read, where as everyone else were just being children. Was a bit strange back then. When I was 17, I bought a movie camera and started making short horror related films with my family. I did this for only a few years but I still have those clips, which I put on from time to time to laugh at.

It was during a year at college that I decided to give adult based story writing a go, but the story was never finished. Other things in my life got in the way, but I eventually found time to write after moving house. I had more space to do what I wanted, so I bought a computer from a friend. However, I didn't finish the story I started at college, but instead started writing a zombie style one. I think it was largely to do with the fact that a zombie movie scared the crap out of me aged 11, leaving me frozen for quite a while. My zombie story has gone through several re-writes during the years, with CLIFTON FALLS now being its latest release....

Before I bought my first computer, I did some movie dubbing with a friend. We would play the original movie with no sound and at the same time record our voices onto a tape. When it was finished I would play the two together........Was very funny to see and listen to the outcome. After I started writing for real all dubbing, all artwork, as in drawing stopped for me and finishing something that I never normally did with my life was the task ahead. To think, of all the paid jobs I had done during this period none of them had come close to the writing. Writing is like a drug to me.

BEDBUGS (Can you see them?)..My second novel, received the attention of a publisher in late 2011, so I signed a deal with them. They then wanted my zombie one and promised me that bookstores in America wanted to stock them on their shelves. That was what I wanted, to see my books on a bookshelf and people buying them, but after only being released for a short time my novels were taken down from sale due to the publisher not paying their writers.....I managed to get my books back in June 2012, but finding another publisher willing to take them on was becoming hard to do. How do I know I can trust them? or are they any good? were some questions floating around inside my head so, after speaking to E L James, the author of 'The Fifty Shades of Grey' novels, I decided, after her advice, to re-release them myself. 

In late 2013, I finished writing the novel that I started at college years earlier. It's titled - THE S.T.A.R.S. PROJECT (Scientific testing aimed at a rat's survival)...I had a publisher willing to take it on but by July 2014 it still wasn't released, so I took it back. It was finally signed by J Ellington Ashton Press in 2018, and was released in Paperback & Kindle by them on Amazon in September 2018. But by August 2019, I re-released the novel myself in all formats, including Audio & Hardback.  All are available from Amazon. 

In 2020, I re-reIeased my alien, man-eating insect story - BEDBUGS (Can you see them?) -  on Amazon Worldwide in Kindle, Paperback & Hardback. And I've started on the rewrites for my zombie novel, which will become a two-part story, to go with the movie script version. I'm hoping to release part one of CLIFTON FALLS by 2021.

In November 2014, I had a phone call from a movie maker asking if I could write him a vampire script? He gave me some ideas over the phone and gave me until March 2015 to write the first draft. I took his ideas and jotted them down, then came up with a story I wanted to try. In January 2015, I started writing the script and it was finished in 6 weeks. In March he read it but didn't want to option it for a movie. However, I was still pleased with myself for writing my first script. 

In the summer of 2015, I wrote my second script, based on an idea I came up with after seeing a cat fetch things in my local pub. It's a serial-killer thriller where a cat becomes the hero - THE CAT THAT FETCHES - 

In May 2016,  I wrote my third script, a children's adventure about a young boy who finds a key that leads him to a magical, cartoon world - THE LAND AT THE END OF THE TREES - 

At the start of 2018, I finished my fourth script. A story about a woman who steals a book that once belonged to the Devil 200-years-ago. It's title is - The Devil's Diary - 

My fifth script, based on a killer shark, was finished in December 2019...

I also rewrote the movie script of my Bedbugs story in 2020 & titled it - DEATH SHADOW

I'm now working on a ghost story/thriller movie script that I hope to have finished before Xmas of 2020.

I've also had the likes of Elijah Wood's & Joe Dante's production companies' ask to read my movie scripts, so that was cool.  And had a Skype chat with Anthony C Ferrante - (Sharknado dierector) 

During my time at being a writer, I've been blessed to have spoken to talented horror actors from years gone by, with Michelle Flanagan-Helmeczy (Who played one of the zombie's in the Walking Dead series), Camille Keaton (Star of the original I spit on your Grave), Adrienne King (Star of the original Friday the 13th), & Lynn Lowry (Shivers) being on my list...And also having the privilege of speaking to Rae Dawn Chong (Star of the movie Commando).......Corey Feldman (The lost boys / gremlins / Goonies).......Clint Howard & Robert Englund....

I've talked to horror writers like 'Brian Keene', 'Gregory Solis', 'Cal Miller', 'David Moody', 'Tim Lebbon', 'Joe Mckinney', 'David Dunwoody', 'Iain Mckinnon', 'Jonathan Mayberry', 'Remy Porter', 'Ian Woodhead', 'Stephen A North', 'Dave Jeffery', 'Eric S Brown', 'Luke Romyn' , Wayne Simmons, and also local Bedworth fantasy author - 'A.D.Starrling'...and E L James...

Also, I've had conversations With Movie Producers & Directors, like 'Tony Randel' (Director of Ticks), 'Alex Chandon' (Inbred), 'Jason Wright' (Torture), 'Jack Skyyler' (Skookum - The hunt for Bigfoot), 'Scott Kessler' (Paragon), and 'Jonathan A Moody' (Scary Story slumber party)...

In 2010, I was fortunate enough to be given a radio interview on BBC Radio in Coventry, was given an interview in the Coventry Telegraph, had Bedworth & Coventry libraries accept my first novel, and received some great feedback from not only readers, but also from writers of horror....I was also lucky enough to meet David Moody, author of (Autumn, Hater, Dog Blood) & Wayne Simmons, author of (Drop Dead Gorgeous, Flu) February 2011...and also in the summer of 2013...You can view photos in my gallery. They are cool guys!!!!


My future plans will be writing sequels to my novels and also writing scripts for movies, but in the middle of all that I need to get my comics off the ground. 

I suppose, the reason as to why I’m drumming my experiences of writing onto the world is that I want people to know that if you want and believe in something so badly you just keep going. Writing can never be boring. Every day you think of different things, and every day experiences can be added to your stories.....

I don't want to scare anyone, but what would you do if your town was invaded by zombies?


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