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A horror novel that will make you check your bed before going to sleep
April 26, 2012
By Dean Lappi
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read Bedbugs by Mr. Taylor and I have to say that it was a great horror novel in the tradition of Stephen King. His way of writing about the 'bedbugs' will make your skin crawl, and that is a good thing! I look forward to many more of Mr. Taylor's books, as he has a very promising future! Best wishes. Dean Lappi

4.0 out of 5 stars Bedbugs, they love a restrained victim., 7 April 2012
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This review is from: Bedbugs (Kindle Edition)

My mother used to quote the Bedbug phrase to me and my sister when she had finished tucking us in at night and yes it was more terrifying than comforting and you do wonder why such a farewell ever came into play. I feel I am on safe ground saying it wasn't due to an alien race of creatures which could move in the shadows and make mincemeat of any organic substance for their own sustenance and that of their hive queen but who knows. Using this seemingly innocent phrase as the core of a scifi/horror story may seem a stretch but Lee pulls it off with Bedbugs and his decision to set the story in the non too distance future allows the use of some more advanced technology but retains all the flaws of our own society.
Now don't get me wrong Bedbugs isn't a high concept story nor is it intended to get the reader asking the important questions of life it's an out and out easy to read horror/slash tale of malevolent aliens who slaughter their way through a small English town and the in over their heads police force who have to face the onslaught.
I used to be a big fan of Dean R Koontz's story telling but as he developed his style his writing got more complex and darker and that's not what I really wanted from him and Bedbugs has strong echoes of the early work from Dean which is probably why despite a very visceral reaction to the first killing in the book I kept reading and got my reward via some fun, stupid, daft, brave and unexpected characters in bizarre and over the top situations.
Bedbugs is not a work of classic scifi/horror fiction by any means but come on look at the cover and read the blurb, you will certainly get plenty of what they promise and that is all you can ever ask for in a book or a movie, go in expecting a bit of blood and gore with a dose of humour and you'll be happy.


5.0 out of 5 stars A pretty fun book, 4 April 2012
This review is from: Bedbugs (Kindle Edition)

I downloaded it for free a while back and wasn't expecting much. To my surprise however this was a very fun read. I highly recommend it. The plot is fun and fast-paced with plenty of twists and turns and the characters are likeable.

Feedback / reviews for CLIFTON FALLS

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5.0 out of 5 stars Riveting and Thrilling!, 29 Jan 2012
... ... By Bruce A. Sarte "Bruce in PA" - Published on Amazon.com
This review is from: Clifton Falls (Kindle Edition)

There are a thousand zombie novels out there -- but this one stands out from the others. The style of the author really helps take you right in between the battle of good versus evil. The author crafts a story that moves fairly quickly and gets you into the characters, making you really feel for them. The fast pace of the action in the book really keep you turning the pages.

In the end, this book is a great read -- and a must read for zombie fans!



      Taut and fast-paced, CLIFTON FALLS is a nail-biting suspense thriller. In creative fashion, author L.A. Taylor successfully flips the standard zombie theme on its ear, treating the reader to a gruesome smorgasbord of horrific highs and lows – even going so far as to include deadly “zombified” animals. With deeply engaging plotlines and gripping action, CLIFTON FALLS reads like a combination of “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Night Of The Living Dead,” as unsuspecting characters find themselves in a race against time to bring order and resolution to a deadly situation spiraling quickly out of control. Just like the characters, readers are sure to become similarly enraptured in the throes of their perilous plight – and die-hard fans of the zombie genre will surely not be disappointed. A surprisingly enjoyable read.


This is a review from a member of a zombie site called –living dead media....

This story has something. I found myself actually caring for the characters in the novel. I was especially drawn to the police officer, Wayne. The character was genuine. Not that the other characters weren't, but something about Wayne, and parts like the interaction between him and his younger partner, Jason, were enjoyable.

And here's the thing; I found myself unable to stop reading it. If a book can make me not want to put it down, make me say "I gotta' see what happens next," it's good in my opinion. The zombie scenes were sufficiently gruesome. And did I mention the zombie dog? No, well now I did. That scene was intense, as was the scene with Vincent's mother.

The outbreak cause was interesting. Most often, it's a virus or something like that, or it's never even explained why the dead are rising. In the case of this novel, it's an experimental plant fertilizer... so you can imagine that when it soaks into the ground... Well, you get the idea. Some of the zombies in this one are a little gooey.

I won't give away too much. I hate it when reviews have too many spoilers, so I won't do it here. Still, just know that zombie fans will not be disappointed.

So if you do enjoy zombie novels, I recommend checking this one out. It's available at Amazon at a decent price in paperback and has been released for the Kindle as well for even less.


This is a review from a top zombie author of a novel titled – Het Madden –Cal Miller swapped novels with me and this is what he thought of my novel....

Mr. Taylor has written a book I hated to put down, and only did when forced. Gory and delicious from start to finish, and I really dug the characters. The decision of what to do if a loved one became "infected" is a fascinating psychological exercise and Taylor does a great job with it. Do you abandon them or try and save them? What about saving yourself? How far would you go? I also loved the small town feel of the story. I think this book is great and I recommend it to any zombie enthusiast.


This is a review from a lady who helps with a zombie site called – Wicked Zombies – She liked my novel so much that she bought 4 in total....

This action packed book brings the undead to life. Lee Taylor's excellent story telling skills shine in this novel of zombie mayhem. The zombie scenes are gory and descriptive beyond belief... exactly what every zombie enthusiast wants in a novel! The plot is well developed and holds the readers interest from start to finish. Plus, Mr. Taylor's quirky sense of humor makes this a must read!


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4.0 out of 5 stars Comedy-gore-zombie-fest!, 24 Jan 2011
This review is from: M.D. (Morgue of the Dead) (Paperback)
It is very rare to find a book in which comedy, gore and zombies are combined and which actually works, and, this book does. It's the first time I've actually laughed and grimmaced when reading before. M.D. is very fast paced and the writing style lends itself to this. Almost as if sweeping the reader off his/her feet, and taking them along for a very gory ride! Looking forward to reading the next one :)


 Hi Lee, have read your book whilst on holiday in Malta, what a great job you have done, I was gripped from start to finish, must be the most blood thirsty book I have ever ...read. I do hope that you make fortune from it and I also think it would make a great movie......Gavin Jones

Your old chum is right on the money, Lee! I'm FINALLY in the midst of reading it! It is definitely gripping and a fresh take on the zombie genre! Will have a "formal" review soon......Joe Rourke

"creatures bumping into people - flesh-eating chaos - I love a story that doesn't bore! :-)
I love the build up of suspense - a shadowy figure took shape - an eerie noise escalates - is it a prank or something else?
the zombie attack is gruesome ...in its gory detail - the eyes of the victim still moving as his head is snapped off"......Reader from 'Fanstory' website.


This is a hard chapter to read, from an emotional sense. I realized something had happened, but the death of her son is still a shock. You have some well-chosen details, and the pace is terrific. Death of children is always hard to deal with in fiction, even though it seem...s to be a more common theme. I'll want to read more. Ray.


A very scarey first chapter you have here. This held me from start to finish.
...The writing is clear and easy to understand. The descriptive is very good at portraying the scene, especially when the dad finds his son."