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My novels The S.T.A.R.S Project, BEDBUGS (Can you see them?) & Clifton Falls have all been turned into movie scripts. With Bedbugs getting interest from Elijah Wood's production company in the past. It is currently in the hands of an agency. My killer rats script had Joe Dante's production company interested back in 2018, but nothing happened. My zombie script is in 2-parts for 2 movies, but I am dwelling on re-writing it. 

I also have a script set in the wild west of the 1880's. It's a zombie/demon story titled - ATTACK ON DEAD GULCH - 

A vampire/dark comedy style script titled - BLOOD TWINS

A serial-killer thriller where a cat becomes the hero - THE CAT THAT FETCHES

A children's adventure story about a boy who finds a key that leads to a magical, cartoon world - THE LAND AT THE END OF THE TREES

A story about a book that belonged to the Devil 200-years-ago - The Devil's Diary

I am currently writing a TV series, but hope to get back to movie ideas soon.  



In 2013, I had Elijah Wood's movie company SPECTREVISION ask to read my Bedbugs script. They, plus a British horror movie company called SILENT STUDIOS liked the idea of my Bedbugs story. Then at the end of 2015, I had a producer want to option it, but after 2 months of negotiations nothing happened. 

My zombie western story had interest from a filmmaker who did a documentary on 'Why are people so fascinated with zombies?', where he interviewed cast members from 'the walking dead' TV show. 

A young filmmaker from the UK was interested in putting together a trailer for my Clifton Falls zombie story, but again, no progress was made.

In 2018, Joe Dante's (Director of Gremlins, Inner Space, Small Soldiers) production company asked to read my Devil's Diary, The S.T.A.R.S Project, and the Cat that fetches scripts, but nothing happened.